This article only applies to customers who have subscribed to the Presence Management product for at least 10 establishments.

1. Sending your information :

The first thing to do is to send the data of your establishments to the Partoo teams:

  • This can be done directly via an Excel file to be requested directly from your Customer Success.

  • You can also send us your data via an API or FTP if you prefer to opt for a more technological solution.

  • Finally, it is also possible to import information about your establishments directly from your Google listings if these are created and up to date.

The most suitable information transmission option for you is to be discussed with your Customer Success.

2. The processing of your information :

The second step is the processing of this information by the Partoo teams. This involves reprocessing the addresses transmitted so that they comply with the formats required by the various distribution sites, as well as all other fields requiring intervention (timetables, size of photographs, etc).

3. The creation of a database for your information:

Once the data has been processed, our teams are responsible for integrating your information into our database so that it can be automatically transmitted to the various distribution sites.

4. Validation of Google My Business files:

Once the data has been put into the database, the Google My Business files of each of your establishments are validated: several methods are possible for this.

The "implementation" stage of the Partoo solution will be completed after a month or two. Your Customer Success will then present you with the status of the distribution of your information on the various distribution sites during a first meeting.

What happens next?

Further appointments are scheduled with your Customer Success to keep you informed about the status of the distribution, the opening or closing of new locations or the progress of your updates. These meetings with your Customer Success are also an opportunity to discuss your expectations and answer any questions you may have. It is also an opportunity for us to present our latest innovations to you!

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