Today, local SEO is at the heart of the web-to-store strategy of many brands and small retailers.

1. Internal vs. external factors :

According to a study by the American Moz Institute, Local SEO is influenced by two types of factors:

  • Either by factors internal to your site: the content of your pages, the structure of the site, the speed of page loading, keywords, or whether your site is adapted to the mobile format. These factors influence your SEO by 43%.

  • Either by external factors: they represent 57% of the total and it is on these factors that the Partoo solution has an impact 😄

2. Breakdown of external factors impacted by Partoo :

  1. Backlinks: When you list your establishment on Partoo, we distribute the url of your website on around 20 sites and platforms; if you have 100 establishments, this represents a potential of 2000 quality backlinks - for more information on the Domain Authority of our partner sites, click here.

  2. Google My Business: Complete and validated GMB listings strongly promote your local referencing - Partoo helps you to validate all your business listings on Google My Business by group validation and thanks to online tutorials from your interface!

  3. NAP Consistency: this American term refers to an indicator that the Name, Address and Telephone Number (NAP) of an establishment is uniform across the various local search engine optimisation sites. If the NAP is "uniform", i.e. the information is exactly the same on different sites, Google will consider the information to be reliable and will therefore show it in Google results. Before working with Partoo, our clients' data was rarely uniform: to benefit from a free audit of your network of more than 10 establishments, write to us by clicking here.

  4. Reviews: Reviews and their contents are analysed by Google to judge your e-reputation and influence your referencing.

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