There are different statuses that can be attributed to your establishment listings on Google My Business (GMB). Some may highlight an issue or an action that needs to be taken, while others are purely informative.

This article was written solely by way of explanation, bearing in mind that, as a Partoo customer, we will take care of these issues for you and resolve any problems that may appear on your account

Here is an example of a GMB table outlining the various listing statuses:

1. Statuses that do not require any intervention:

  • Published: has been verified by the Google teams. It is then visible on Google Maps and Google + and appears in Google searches.

  • Permanently closed: has been reported as having closed and will therefore eventually be withdrawn, although it is still published for the time being. The listing will become decreasingly visible on Google Maps and will fall down the ranking in Google search results.

  • Pending verification/Pending review: These are listings whose content is being verified by the Google teams, either manually or using an algorithm. This is often the case when some of the essential information on the listing (name of the establishment, address, category, etc.) has been changed. The establishment’s listing may still be visible online or may be temporarily suspended. Don't worry, though—if Google asks any questions, the Partoo team will provide all the explanations they need!

2. Statuses that require intervention and indicate a problem:

  • Published (X updates): these establishments will still be visible online, but either an Internet user or Google has suggested that some updates be made. These must be reviewed by the account owner before they can be accepted or rejected. Partoo will handle the rejection of such updates, which are automatically accepted within 48 hours unless we intervene.

  • Format error: Google has found an error in the content of the form. The address or location may be incorrect, the telephone number may have been entered incorrectly, the photos may be in the wrong format, etc. The Partoo teams will take care of centralising any issues that may relate to other publication sites and send them to you in the form of a summary should they require any clarification from you.

  • Duplicate establishment: your establishment is not visible online. It has been recognised as a duplicate of another listing already in your account. If this is the case, Partoo will delete this listing. If not, don't worry—we will deal with the matter internally with the Google teams

  • Access required: your establishment is not visible online. It has been recognised as a duplicate of another listing that has been verified and is already listed on Google My Business. Google My Business suggests that you contact the current owner of the listing and ask them to transfer ownership. This is often the case with large networks with lots of different establishments that might be eligible for bulk verification (more information)

  • Access requested: your establishment listing is not visible online. It has been recognised as a duplicate of a listing that is already on Google Maps. You have previously requested that its current owner proceed to transfer ownership. This request is currently pending.

  • Unauthorised upload: your establishment is not visible online. Google has identified a quality issue with the listing and is asking you to check it before publishing it

  • Duplicate store code: the listing has been published but the store code entered is already in use for another of your establishments. This code must be unique to each establishment. The Partoo teams will check that the establishment has not been assigned to your account twice and will change the store code if it has.

  • Missing store code: the listing has been published but no store code has been provided. The Partoo teams will complete this field with the code you use if you have one or create one if you don't.

  • Suspended/Deactivated: Your establishment’s listing is not online. It has been suspended or deactivated by Google due to quality issues. Please contact Partoo support and they will take care of the problem.

  • Not published: your listing is not visible online. Contact Partoo support

Partoo now manages the Google My Business accounts of over 30,000 establishments in France and Europe, as well as their presence across some twenty or so other directories, GPSs, review sites and social networks! If you, too, would like to take advantage of our expertise in such matters, please contact us via the chat feature or by e-mailing

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