At Partoo, we try to make managing your information ever simpler, and photos of your business are part of the key information you need to disseminate. This update makes importing and managing your photos as easy as Partoo.

1 - Go to the photo management page

Once you are connected. Click on a business and after click on the tab "photos".

2 - Import a photo folder

You can upload as many photos as you want at once :

3 - Import the photos from your Google listing

If you already have photos on your Google My Business listing and want to manage them from Partoo, you can import them into your account.

4 - Classify your photos

Differentiate the logo, the main photo and the secondary photos of your establishment directly from your interface.

5 - Delete photos

Delete photos with a simple click :

Which platforms take this classification into account?

This classification is reflected in Google My Business and your photos will appear in the right section of your files. Here are the details of each section:

  • Logo: Add your logo to help customers recognise your establishment. Note that square logos are better displayed on Google.

  • Cover photo: Add a photo to present the style of your page. This is the large image displayed at the top of your Google+ page. Note that your photo will be cropped to fit the 16:9 format.

  • Additional photos: Add other types of photos to highlight aspects of your business that may be critical to a customer who wants to make a purchase. Choose them according to your type of establishment.

Warning: Google's algorithm will determine which photo will appear first on an establishment's page according to the popularity of the photos linked to it (number of clicks, displays, seniority, etc.). Thus, putting a photo in the "Main photo" section increases the chances of this photo appearing in first position, but this does not guarantee it.

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