If your establishment moves to a new premises, you can change the address without losing your reviews, your photos or your SEO. Because of this, we would advise against creating a new listing on Google Maps if you have simply moved to another location

Claim ownership of your Google My Business listing

In order to change the address of your establishment on Google My Business you must first be the owner of the listing in question. N.B.: if, on your establishment’s listing, you see the ‘Suggest a change - Are you the owner of this business?’ option, this means that you do not currently own the listing.

If this is the case, you must first claim ownership by having a letter sent to your address and entering it into your computer. As a local SEO specialist, Partoo can do this for you and even take care of your move and change of address across some 20 or so sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, Waze, Hoodspot, 118 000 and a dozen others!

Here's how to do it outside of Partoo: once you're logged into your Google My Business interface, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Log in to Google My Business

  • Go to ‘Info’ in the Menu

  • Edit the ‘Address’ field and click on ‘Apply’

  • You can then change the location of your listing!

N.B : when you move to another premises, Google will ask you to re-verify your Google My Business listing, which will involve the sending of a second code

If you are a Partoo customer, we will take care of all these verification procedures without the need to send a code, in a much shorter time frame and across some twenty or so platforms!

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