Restaurants are among the most searched-for establishments on the Internet, and when an Internet user searches for a restaurant online, in 75% of cases it's to look at the menu!
Google has realised this, and now allows restaurant owners to display their menus on their Google My Business listings.

Who can display their menu on Google My Business?

There are two types of menu available on Google My Business:

  • Menus for restaurants to display the food and/or drinks they serve.

  • Menus for businesses offering services (hairdressers, car repair workshops, beauty salons, etc.) to advertise the services they offer at their establishment.

How do I display my menu on Google My Business?

  • Log in to Google My Business.

  • Click on ‘Info’ to access the establishment editing page

  • Then click on ‘Menu

  • Add the relevant sections (starters, mains, desserts, lunch, dinner, etc.) and dishes to your menu

  • Your menu is now visible on your listing!

Where does my menu appear on Google My Business?

Your menu will be visible on mobiles only and appear as shown below:

I manage several establishments and don't have time to post all of their menus on Google; is there a solution?

If this applies to you, you can provide a link on your listing that redirects to your menu by editing the ‘Menu URL’ field in the Google My Business back-office.
This feature is particularly useful for networks as it is possible to update this field for several establishments at the same time by importing an Excel file.

If you own one or more establishments and need help to retrieve, manage and optimise your listings, click on the link below.

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