It is possible to publish Google Posts directly from the Partoo application and communicate news, offers, events or information about Covid to your local customers.

This feature allows you to :

  • Create, schedule and publish Google Posts in a few clicks.

  • To have a global view of all the posts made by the establishments associated with a Partoo account.

  • Follow the statistics of Google Posts published via Partoo or Google

Which users can use the Post features?

Only independent merchants may use the Post feature, as Google does not allow networks to post Google Posts from a third-party application.

⚠️ In this current pandemic, Google has opened access to Covid-19 type Google Posts to retailers, please contact your customer success to find out more.

How do I publish a Google Post from Partoo?

Here is how to create a Google Post from Partoo :

  • Click on the ‘Posts’ tab (2) in the ‘Information’ menu (1)

  • Then click on ‘Create’.

  • Choose the type of post you wish to create from the options ‘Create a new post’, ‘Create an event’, ‘Create an offer’ or ‘Create Covid information’.

How do I program a Google Post from Partoo?

To schedule a Google Post, simply click on ‘Set a publication date’, set the date and time when the post will be published and click on ‘Publish’.

The scheduled posts will then appear in the ‘Scheduled’ tab.

What are the different statuses of the Google Posts presented on Partoo?

There are four different statuses for Posts on Partoo:

  • Visible: the Google Posts currently visible on Google My Business.

  • Scheduled: the Google Posts that are scheduled and those that are currently being broadcast.

  • To be configured: Google Posts that require configuration in order to be published.

  • Expired: Google Posts that have been published and are no longer visible on Google My Business.

Access the Posts corresponding to each status from the menu on the left when you are on the Posts management page.

How do I view, duplicate, edit or delete a post?

From the Posts page, click on the three dots to the right of the post you wish to view, duplicate, delete or edit.

If you choose to edit or duplicate the post, you will then be redirected to the Google Post settings page.

If you want to delete it, click "Delete" again in the confirmation modal that appears.

Finally, if you want to view the post, click on "View post in Google", and you will be redirected to your Google My Business listing.

How do I measure the success of a post?

You can track the number of views or clicks generated by a post directly from the lower part of the insert of the post in question.

If you would like to know more about Google Posts, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the small blue bubble at the bottom right!

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