It is possible to publish Google Posts directly from the Partoo application to communicate news, offers, events or information about Covid to your local customers.

This feature allows you to :

  • Create, schedule and publish Google Posts in a few clicks.

  • Have a global view of all the posts made by the establishments associated with a Partoo account.

  • Follow the statistics of Google Posts published via Partoo or Google

What is a Google Post?

Thanks to Google Posts you can share your news, offers, events or covid-related changes directly from your Google Business Profile

How do I publish a Google Post from Partoo?

  1. Click on "Visibility", represented by the 🏠 icon on the left menu

  2. Click on "Posts"

  3. Click on "Create", on the top right of the screen

  4. Choose the type of post: news, offers, events, covid-related news

  5. Select the establishments you want to publish the post on

  6. Fill in the fields, which may change depending on the post type

  7. You can set a publication date if you wish to schedule the post for later

How to view, duplicate, modify or delete a post?

From the interface Posts:

  1. Click on the three dots at the right of the post you wish to view, duplicate, delete or modify.

    a. If you want to edit or duplicate the post, you will be taken to the configuration site for Google Post

    b. If you want to delete it, click again on Delete to confirm

  2. If you want to view the post, click on "View the post on Google" and you will be taken yo your Google Business Profile

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