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How do I activate Google Business Messages for my business?
How do I activate Google Business Messages for my business?
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Here is how to activate the Messages feature on Google business profile:

From a computer

  1. Sign in to your Google Business Profile account

  2. Click on the Messages tab in the left menu. If the menu does not appear, click on the three dashes at the top left to bring it up

  3. Click on Messages Settings

  4. Select Enable Messages

  5. Click on Enable Web Notifications at the top right of the screen

Once the feature is enabled, you can also set up a welcome message that will be sent automatically when someone wants to send you a message.

From a phone

You can also enable the Messages feature on your Google My Business mobile app. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to the Google My Business app on your phone

  2. Click on the Customers tab

  3. Click on the Messages tab at the top of your app

  4. Click on Enable Messages

  5. Click Edit to customize your welcome message (How do I edit my welcome message on Google My Business?)

  6. Write your welcome message in the text box provided

  7. Click on Save

⚠️Beware if you don't respond within 24 hours to your customers' messages, Google reserves the right to disable the feature.

It is not possible to activate the Messages feature for several establishments at once. If you manage several establishments, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you in the implementation of this project.

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