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What are the best practices to respond to your Google's Business Messages?
What are the best practices to respond to your Google's Business Messages?
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Google's Business Messages allow users to easily interact with businesses directly from the Google business Profile.

We share some tips on how to respond to your messages.

  • Respond in less than 24 hours

It is necessary to respond to your messages within 24 hours. Indeed, Google reserves the right to deactivate the functionality if the messages received are not processed within 24 hours.

Responding quickly to your customers also improves customer satisfaction.

  • Remember to close your conversations once you've finished

    Once you've finished a conversation, remember to close it. This will allow you to see your messages more clearly and manage your open conversations more quickly.

    You can also filter the view of your messages and use the Open filter to reply to all incoming and open messages.

  • Inform your customers

Let your customers know that they can contact you by message via the google business card.

  • Activate notifications

Remember to activate notifications (on laptop and/or mobile) so that you are alerted as soon as you receive a new message.

  • Personalize your messages

Personalize your messages as much as possible while using simple and short sentences to answer your customers/prospects.

  • Optimize a welcome message

The welcome message is the first thing the customer/prospect sees when they try to get in touch with you via the Google business listing.

In the message you can introduce your business, leave your hours and leave a phrase like: "How can we help you? "

You can set up the welcome message directly from your Google Business Profile account

  • Optimize your offline message

Give your customers and prospects a way to contact you. Leave an email address or a phone number.

You can also leave your response times in the message.

  • Follow up with your customers

Don't hesitate to follow up with your customers/prospects the next day if you haven't heard back from them after they have initiated the conversation. Don't miss any opportunities

  • Avoid asking for personal information

Avoid asking your customers for confidential information such as credit card numbers, logins and passwords etc.

Explain to your customers/prospects that giving out such information via Messages can be dangerous!

Partoo can assist you in the implementation of Google's Business Messages, please contact us directly from the blue bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

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