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Presence Management, what is the impact ?
How can Presence Management help my establishments gain visibility?
How can Presence Management help my establishments gain visibility?

Disseminating your local information: how Presence Management boosts your search engine optimisation and online visibility

Written by Joelle Huy
Updated over a week ago

When Internet users search for your establishments on the Internet, it is now essential that they can find them and simply access all their essential information: address, opening hours or telephone number! In addition to promoting a multi-channel route and increasing customer satisfaction, Partoo also has a real impact on the number of physical visits to your establishments!

To help you understand this impact, the Partoo teams provide you with all the indicators necessary to estimate a ROI:

  1. Dissemination of local information (indicator: number of sites where your customers can find you).

  2. Optimising the visibility of your listing (indicators: number of clicks, calls and routes on your local pages).

  3. Improvement of the local SEO of your website (indicator: Average positioning of your website on Google searches related to your activity)

1. Dissemination of local information :

The first impact of Partoo is to automatically broadcast information from your businesses on more than 20 GPS, online directories, social networks and search engines!

To put it simply, during multi-broadcasting, Partoo meets three obligations for retailers and brands:

A. To be referenced: On average, 54% of sales outlets in France are not referenced on the local sites where Internet users go to find them.

Partoo creates all the local pages of all your establishments on Google, Waze, and more than 20 other partner platforms.

B. Take over: Very often, institutions do not have ownership of their own forms already online. The information disseminated is therefore not up to date or even inaccurate, which represents a loss of income for the institution. Moreover, the institution is not immune from malicious acts (for example, the intentional dissemination of false information).

Partoo takes over ownership of all your listings, and allows you to control the information you wish to disseminate.

C. Complete information: Even when an establishment is referenced on local sites, its information is incomplete or erroneous in more than one out of two cases!

You can fill in your information directly on the Partoo interface, and it will be automatically published on all our websites. This way, all the information of all your establishments is always perfectly up to date!

2. Optimisation of the visibility of your listings :

So that you can simply quantify the number of prospects that our solution brings you, we are able to give you precise details of the number of calls, requests for directions and clicks to your website generated thanks to our technology :

Out of more than 200,000 points of sale using our solution in Europe, we have observed an average improvement in actions on their local files in one year of :

  • + 30% more clicks to the establishment's website

  • + 110% more requests for itineraries to the establishment

  • + 40% more phone calls

For example, for an insurance group with several hundred points of sale, this represents more than 300,000 additional leads generated from one year to the next!

3. Improvement of the local SEO of your site :

In a study of 15 of our clients we observed an improvement in the average website positioning of 7% to 40% in the first month following the release of their information.

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