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How to appear on Here, the onboard GPS used in 90% of cars:
How to appear on Here, the onboard GPS used in 90% of cars:

Publish local information about your establishment or your point-of-sale network on the Here onboard GPS!

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General information:

  • Site type: Direct publication guided navigation system

  • Unique users worldwide/in France: 1.5 million/month for the mobile app (in addition to the 90% of drivers with an onboard navigation system)

What is Here?

Here has been designing GPS maps and fitting over 90% of cars with onboard navigation systems in North America and Europe for the past 30 years and was even named Best Automotive App by Auto Bild in 2015. Millions of people around the world depend on Here every day to get them where they want to go.

In August 2015, Nokia sold Here to a consortium of German car manufacturers, including Daimler, BMW and Audi, for €2.8 billion! In July 2016, Here Maps/Nokia Maps embarked upon a mobile revival under the Here WeGo brand with the simple goal of transforming Here from an onboard GPS to a mobile app similar to Waze.

Here also sells its map data and local point-of-sale information under license to other players such as Alpine, Garmin, BMW, Oracle and

How does Partoo help you attract more customers via Here?

Partoo publishes your information automatically on Here maps, meaning that once your establishments are listed with up-to-date names, addresses and phone numbers, any customers with in-car navigation systems can reach you in their vehicles using the best available route for shorter journey times.

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