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How do I get listed on the La Poste directory, Hoodspot?
How do I get listed on the La Poste directory, Hoodspot?

Publish local information about your establishment on Hoodspot, the directory compiled by La Poste, and edit your opening hours!

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General information:

What is the La Poste directory?

Hoodspot is a directory created by La Poste in 2009 that currently lists some 8 million professionals and companies, together with their business information (address, contact details, opening hours, etc.). Any company listed on the RCS trade and companies register can be listed in this directory.

In order to avoid duplicate listings for the same establishment, the SIRET number must be provided in order for an establishment to be listed.

How does Partoo help you attract more customers via the La Poste directory?

Partoo automatically publishes all information relating to your establishments on Hoodspot. Once your establishments are listed with up-to-date information, potential customers will be able to find you, contact you or visit your website via your listings.

The more accurate the information you provide in this directory, the more specific requests from Internet users will be directed to your listings. Using Partoo ensures that your information is up to date on one of the most widely used directories in France!

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