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Indirect publication on GPSs: Garmin, CityMapper, ViaMichelin, Coyotte and Uber
Indirect publication on GPSs: Garmin, CityMapper, ViaMichelin, Coyotte and Uber

Partoo will indirectly help you to make your point of sale visible on GPSs and mobile apps

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Why do we talk about indirect publication on certain GPSs?

We at Partoo use the term ‘indirect publication’ for certain sites and GPSs that use our direct publication sites as reference databases. This is the case, for example, of the following GPSs that share information with other platforms:

  • Here, which shares its data with Garmin and the onboard GPSs of 90% of vehicles in France (Ford, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, BMW, Audi, etc.)

  • Google My Business, whose data is used by CityMapper, among others

  • TomTom, which sells its data on to ViaMichelin

  • Foursquare, whose data is integrated into the Uber GPS!

The example of CityMapper

Once you are listed on Google My Business, your information will automatically be updated on CityMapper. You can see below that when you type ‘Burger King’ into the search bar, CityMapper brings up all of the Burger Kings in Paris. CityMapper users can click on a particular branch of Burger King to access all of the information relating to the restaurant in question, including its opening hours, phone number, website, etc.

Simply publishing the information relating to your establishments on Partoo’s direct publication sites will allow you to keep your information up to date on indirect publication sites including many GPSs and geolocation apps, such as Uber, ViaMichelin and Garmin.

Such updates cannot, however, be guaranteed, since they depend on good integration between our direct publication sites and the corresponding indirect publication sites.

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