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Indirect publication on networks: Mapstr, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Instagram.
Indirect publication on networks: Mapstr, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Listing your point of sale on social networks; Partoo can help you and boost your local SEO!

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Why do we talk about indirect publication on certain social networks?

We at Partoo use the term ‘indirect publication’ for certain sites and social networks that use our direct publication sites as references. The following sites, for example, provide information to other platforms:

  • Facebook shares its data with its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram, which were acquired by the US giant in 2014 and 2012 respectively

  • Google My Business data is used by Mapstr, among others

  • Foursquare shares its data with Twitter, Pinterest, Flikr and Path!

1. The example of fast-growing French social network Mapstr

Mapstr is an app launched in France in July 2015 that describes itself as the "first app that allows you to save all of your favourite places, sort them, find them again and share them on a world map". Following a campaign that raised €1 million in 2015, Mapstr has attracted several hundred thousand young users with its half-map, half-social network app.

Since Google My Business is an easily accessible source of information, using Partoo to keep your information updated there also allows you to indirectly publish your opening hours, photos and website across all of the new social networks, including Mapstr!

2. Instagram & WhatsApp: the little gems now owned by Facebook

If you have a local Facebook page and your information is updated using Partoo, Internet-users will be able to find you easily on Instagram, or send your establishment’s location link on WhatsApp. What you see below is a search for Burger King on Instagram. Clicking on one of the restaurants in the network displays all photos taken at that location.

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