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How does the ‘Popular times’ feature work on Google Business Profile?
How does the ‘Popular times’ feature work on Google Business Profile?

The Popular times and Visit duration stated on your Google Business Profile page are calculated automatically

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How is visit-related data calculated and what is it used for? The Partoo teams are here to tell you a little more about it...

Google uses (aggregated and anonymised) data from users who have enabled their Google Location History to determine popular times and average visit durations for establishments.

Popular times and Visit durations are provided if your establishment gets enough visits. Unfortunately, Google does not allow you to provide this information manually

The more visits you get, however, the more likely it is that this information will appear, and Partoo can help you improve your SEO and therefore attract more customers! That said, Partoo cannot guarantee that this information will appear on your Google Business Profile listing.

What can visit-related data include?

1. The Popular times graph: this shows the number of people that can generally be found at your establishment at various times of the day.

2. Live information: this shows the current level of traffic at your establishment.

3. Visit duration: this figure indicates the usual duration of a visit to your establishment over the past few weeks.

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