What is domain authority and why is it important?

‘Domain authority’ is a website’s authority score; the higher the score, the better Google considers the website to be

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Domain authority (DA) is a scoring system developed by American research institute Moz that makes it possible to estimate the quality of a website based on a series of indicators, such as how reliable search engines consider the site to be, number of links, SEO history, traffic, etc., all condensed into a single score. Domain authority scores vary from 1 to 100, a high score corresponding to a high level of authority.

The higher a site’s domain authority, the more likely your presence on this site is to have a positive effect on your SEO. Listing your website on a platform with a poor domain authority, on the other hand, will be penalised by Google, which is why we’re looking, today, at quality backlinks.

All of Partoo's publication sites have over 1 million unique visitors per month and a high domain authority score. The presence of backlinks directing traffic towards your site is a positive thing in terms of your SEO. To view the domain authority scores of each of our publication sites click here and go to the site in question.

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