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What is the Facebook Store Visit? How does it measure store visits following local ads?
What is the Facebook Store Visit? How does it measure store visits following local ads?

The new Facebook Store Visit feature allows you to set up web-to-store campaigns for points of sale by geolocating customers.

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What is Conversion Lift, the forerunner to Store Visit?

Conversion Lift is a Facebook technology that allows you to calculate the ROI you get from a Facebook advertising campaign. Facebook uses this tool to allow retailers to measure the actual impact of a communications initiative on recruited customers only.

Conversion Lift uses a group of control customers who will not be exposed to the campaign. Checkout consumption data is then compared between the control group and those customers exposed to the initiative, making it easy to calculate the ROI.

How does Facebook's Store Visit tool change the approach to adopt?

Facebook's Store Visit tool allows users to be geolocated, with their consent, via their mobile's GPS and a Wi-Fi triangulation methodology.

This technology is aimed at point-of-sale networks (automotive industry, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.) that have enabled the Places feature on Facebook. Please ask Partoo for any help you might require by contacting the support team in the bottom right-hand corner.

Facebook then targets people in the vicinity of a particular point of sale (within a radius of 2-5km) and sends them advertising messages, along with directions to the nearest store . Consumers can also view the contact details and opening hours for nearby stores at the click of a button.

This tool also enables retailers to view tracking reports and consequently access statistics for each of their stores (number of views, clicks and route requests, cost per visit and audience type)

By the latter half of 2018, 25 groups in France were already trialling Facebook's Store Visit tool, including Fnac and Darty! What’s stopping you? First step: create your local Facebook pages with Partoo!

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