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What is a Facebook Places page and why should I use one?
What is a Facebook Places page and why should I use one?

A list of the main reasons why you should incorporate Facebook into your local strategy.

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Facebook Places pages are pages that represent physical establishments, as opposed to ‘Brand’ pages, which, as the name suggests, represent a brand.

The former display locally relevant information such as the address, opening hours and phone number of the establishment in question, while the latter display nationally relevant information, such as the website URL.

Why should I create Facebook Places pages for the establishments in my network?

Facebook Places pages are essential for networks that want to use the social network to boost traffic at the point of sale:

Greater engagement & impact

A Facebook Places page generates 5 times more reach than a brand page (in terms of the number of people who see the page's content) and 8 times more engagement (number of people who interact with the page's content). This being the case, a ‘Like’ on a Places page is worth 40 on a brand page!

Relevant local content

The results highlighted for this kind of search will systematically be listings displaying relevant local content rather than a national page. Looking more specifically at Internet users performing local searches on mobiles:

  • 54% say they are looking for opening hours

  • 53% say they are looking for directions

  • 50% say they are looking for addresses

Better local SEO

Having multiple Facebook Places pages for different establishments will improve your SEO in local searches in the ‘Establishment Category + Location’ format (e.g. Restaurant in Amiens). One of Google’s main positioning criteria is, in fact, the number of ‘citations’ your establishment has, that is to say the number of pages that mention its name, address, phone number, etc. The more of these there are, the better your establishment will be referenced on Google.

Centralized management for networks

Manage all of your establishments via a central interface. If you have multiple establishments, Facebook's Business Manager allows you to manage all your Places pages and campaigns easily. You can also link your Places pages to your national page so that posts appear there too.

An increase in the number of reviews

You get more reviews on local pages than on national pages. Having separate pages encourages customers who have visited a particular establishment to submit a review of a service they experienced or an experience they had at the establishment in question. This helps you improve both your brand image and your SEO!

Accessing the 'store traffic' target for your Facebook Ads

Target a local audience with your Facebook advertising campaigns. Create ads with a ‘store visit’ target and promote your establishment among targeted people within a certain radius of your establishment. Then measure the actual traffic your campaign has generated.

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