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What are the additional URLs on Google My Business and how do I manage them?
What are the additional URLs on Google My Business and how do I manage them?

What additional links can be added to Google My Business? How do I do it?

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Google My Business now gives local establishments the option of adding other URLs, in addition to their websites, to encourage Internet users to perform certain actions via their listings.
As such, you can now add links for the following purposes:

  • Viewing a list of services offered or the menu

  • Searching for articles

  • Placing an order

  • Making an appointment

  • Booking a table

  • Viewing promotional offers

⚠️ Some links from third-party services (such as LaFourchette) are automatically displayed on Google My Business listings and it is not possible to manage them from the Google back office. The same goes for the buttons that appear on some listings (to learn more about these buttons, please see the article entitled What is the ‘Book’ button on Google My Business & how do I add it to a listing?).
If a listing contains a URL registered by the listing’s owner as well as another URL from a third-party vendor, the owner’s URL will appear first, thus limiting any business the third-party vendor might get from the listing. ⚠️

Is my establishment eligible for additional URLs?

The URL fields available for an establishment will depend on the category of the establishment in question. The following types of URL are available for the following categories:

  • View menu or List of services: Available for ‘Service’, ‘Health & Beauty’ and ‘Food & Beverage’-type businesses

  • Search for articles: Available for ‘Service’ and ‘Health & Beauty’-type businesses

  • Place an order and Book a table: Available for ‘Food & Beverage’-type businesses (cafés, bars, restaurants, etc.)

  • Book an appointment: Available for ‘Service’-type (plumber, electrician, etc.) and ‘Health & Beauty-type businesses (hairdresser, beauty salon, etc.)

  • View promotional offers: This URL is not available in the Google back office but is visible for establishments in the retail sector

How do I add an additional URL to my Google My Business listing?

Follow these steps to add an additional URL to your Google listing:

1. Log in to Google My Business

2. Select the establishment to which you wish to add a URL

3. Click on ‘Info’ to access the information editing interface

4. The available URL fields for your business can be found in the URLs section, beneath the website

5. Add the corresponding URLs in each field

6. Click ‘Apply

If you have several establishments, this task can become long and tedious. Our Customer Success team can support you in this process, as well as in optimising your Google My Business account as a whole.

Please click on the button below to find out more:

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