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How to add events to your Google Business Profile listings ?
How to add events to your Google Business Profile listings ?

How do events appear on Google Maps and Google Business Profile? How do I change them?

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60% of searches performed on Google do not generate any clicks; this phenomenon is known as a no-click search.

This statistic clearly shows that the search engine is gradually becoming a response engine, meaning that, instead of redirecting the Internet user to a third-party site where they will find the response to their query, the latter is displayed on the results page thanks to tools such as Google Business Profile, the Knowledge Graph, Google Shopping, etc.

Events are one of those responses that Google displays directly on the results page.

How do events appear on Google?

Events can appear in search results in one of three ways:

  • On the Google Business Profile listing of the location where the event is taking place

  • In position 0 thanks to the Knowledge Graph

  • In the form of Rich Snippets beneath a search result

What sources does Google use to highlight an event?

So far, although some Internet users in the United States have seen this feature being trialled, it is not possible to add an event to your Google Business Profile listing as an admin.

Google trawls various sources to populate Google Business Profile, Knowledge Graphs and Rich Snippets with events that are relevant to the searches performed by Internet users, including the following:

  • The official website of the establishment in question or the organiser thereof

  • The official websites of specific events such as festivals and conferences (e.g. Paris Retail Week)

  • Reference platforms for a particular sector (e.g. Allociné for the cinema industry)

  • In the case of events that require tickets to be purchased, the platforms selling them are also considered by Google to be authoritative sources. (e.g.: Cirque du Soleil)

How do I promote an event on Google Business Profile?

If you want Google to highlight an event associated with your website in the search results you will need to optimise the structure of the site to highlight the fact that it is an event. These are Google’s instructions for ensuring that the browser recognises and highlights them: Google Search - Events

Once your site structure has been optimised to take this into account, it is highly likely that events associated with your website will appear on your Google Business Profile listing, so it is essential that you keep it updated!

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