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How do I display my product catalogue on Google Business Profile?
How do I display my product catalogue on Google Business Profile?

Google My Business now allows traders and networks to showcase their product catalogues on their listings.

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Why should I publish my product catalogue on Google Business Profile?

According to a study performed by Google & Ipsos, 83% of Internet users say they would be more likely to visit a store if they could check the availability of a product beforehand.

With this in mind, this is a new, free tool that allows traders to showcase a selection of products and will help them to generate more in-store traffic.
You can also choose the link to which the call-to-action associated with the product will redirect the Internet user, thus helping to generate traffic on an e-commerce site or even redirecting to a third-party platform (Amazon, MisterGoodDeal, etc.) for traders who do not have a site of their own.

How do I display my product catalogue on Google Business Profile?

For the time being, it is not possible to add a product catalogue to Google Business Profile by means of one big import by file or by API; the only way is to do it one establishment at a time.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to your Google Business Profile account, click on ‘Products’ and choose the type of product you want to add

2. Then enter the information relating to your product. The following information can be shared:

  • the name of the collection

  • a photo of the product

  • the name of the product

  • the price

  • a description

  • a link redirecting to the page where potential customers can buy the product

  • Then click on Post/Publish. The added product will now appear on your listing.

3. What should I do before sharing my product catalogue on Google Business Profile?

Before you think about sharing your product catalogue on your Google listings, it is vital that you be the manager of the listings in question and that they be optimised with appealing and up-to-date information!

If you need help with optimising your Google Business Profile listings, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the little blue bubble in the bottom right-hand corner or visit our website by clicking on the button below:

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