Google My Business allows you to state which services your establishment offers on your listing. We distinguish between two types of service:

  • Services relating to the establishment's core business, such as ‘technical inspections’ for a garage or ‘hair removal’ for a beauty salon.

  • Additional services that are not related to the business itself, such as delivery or click & collect, for example.

How do I list the services available at my establishment?

Any establishment in the services sector (electrician, beauty salon, plumber, etc.) can list the services it offers via the Google my Business services editor. Google offers a list of default services based on the establishment category, but you can also add custom services.

The services listed are visible on mobile only in the ‘Services’ section of the listing (right-hand image in the above illustration). In the event that your listing contains several categories, services can be linked to the corresponding category.

Follow these steps to add services to your Google my Business listing:

1. Log in to Google My Business.

2. Click on ‘Services’ in the left-hand menu. If the option does not appear, it means

that the categories associated with your establishment are not eligible for this feature. In this case, you will need to add secondary categories corresponding to the services offered to your listing. If the categories you add are eligible, the option will appear in the menu.

3. Next, select from the services offered or click on ‘Add a custom service’

4. Then click on ‘Apply’

How do I add drive-through, click & collect or delivery services to my Google my Business listing?

Establishments in the retail sector can add attributes to their Google listings for services such as Click & Collect, In-store pick-up and Delivery.

These attributes are visible on mobile & desktop, on the Google my Business listing and in the local pack.

Follow these steps to add this type of service to your Google my Business listing:

1. Log in to Google My Business.

2. Click on ‘Info’ in the left-hand menu

3. Click on ‘Available services’

4. Select the services to add

5. Click on ‘Apply’

This can be a very time-consuming and tedious process if you have multiple establishments, so don’t hesitate to contact Partoo by clicking on the small blue bubble in the bottom right-hand corner for personal advice.

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