Partoo's Review Management tool enables you to manage your Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor reviews centrally. You can access all your reviews via the Partoo mobile app, filter them by establishment and/or status (replied/not replied) and respond to them.

General introduction

This is how the review management interface looks on the mobile app:

(1) Reviews received

(2) Total number of reviews received (by location)

(3) Name of the customer who left the review

(4) Date the review was received

(5) Status of the review

(6) Filters

How do I respond to reviews?

  1. Get an alert for each new review: enable notifications to receive an alert on your smartphone as soon as you receive a new review

  2. Access my reviews: when you open the mobile app, you can access the review management interface directly. You’ll find all of the reviews you’ve received arranged in chronological order on this page.

  3. Filter my reviews (optional): you can filter your reviews to make them easier to manage. You can filter your reviews by location (if you manage several) and/or by status ('responded' = reviews to which you have already responded and 'not responded' = reviews to which you have not yet responded)

  4. Respond to my reviews:

  • By writing my own response (7): click on the review you wish to respond to, write your response and press 'Post a reply'

  • By using a reply template (8): you’ll find a series of review response templates pre-written by Partoo, along with those you have created yourself, on the mobile app. To access them, simply click on the review you wish to respond to and select 'Response templates'. Click on a template to use it as a response, edit it if necessary and then press 'Post reply'. Remember to create your templates on the computer app beforehand if you want to use them on the mobile app.

🚀 Our advice: be responsive

Whether positive or negative, a review should ideally be processed within 72 hours, and your responsiveness will show your customers that their review matters. We strongly recommend enabling notifications to receive an alert as soon as you get a new review (article).

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