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How to collect reviews with the Review Booster from the mobile app?
How to collect reviews with the Review Booster from the mobile app?

Send a text message invitation or display a QR code to your satisfied customers from your smartphone

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The Review Booster lets you encourage satisfied customers to submit reviews to your Google listing via invitations sent by text message. You can easily send instant text message invitations to your customers via the Partoo mobile app or display a QR code that redirects them to your listing.

How and when to ask for a review?

It is very important that requesting a review is an integral part of the in-store experience.

  1. Ask your customer whether they are happy: when your customer is at the checkout or when you finish your appointment (depending on your business), simply ask them “Are you happy with your experience?”.

  2. Ask for their permission: if the customer responds positively, ask them “Would you mind if I sent you a text message containing a link to leave me a review on Google? This is really important to me and will only take you a few seconds”.

    1. Send the text message invitation: if the customer agrees, you can proceed to send the text message invitation. Enter the customer’s phone number and name and tick the box to confirm that the customer has given you their permission to use their personal data. Select the location concerned if you have several. Modify the expeditor name and the content of the message if necessary. Press 'Next' and then 'Send invitation'.

    2. Display the QR code: if the customer does not agree to leave their phone number, select "Display QR code". The customer only has to scan the QR code with their mobile phone to be redirected to the review page of your location.

    3. Share the link from your phone's options menu: you can also use your phone's native options to simply share the collection link.

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