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How can I manage my messages from the mobile app?
How can I manage my messages from the mobile app?

Get notified every time you receive a new message and reply right away through your smartphone

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From the Partoo app, you have access to all of the messages received via your Google Business Profile, your Facebook page, and your Instagram page, and you will be able to filter them by location and reply to all of them.

How do I reply to my messages?

  1. Get a notification for every incoming message: turn on the notifications so that you will get notified every time you receive a new message (learn how in this article).

  2. Access messages: click on the third icon ("Conversations") on the bar at the bottom of your screen to access your messages. The conversations will be automatically sorted by date, starting with the most recent messages.

    • The red notice “Late” means that this message was sent more than 24 hours ago, so it should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, this feature will be withdrawn (Google can turn off this feature when the establishment doesn't treat the messages within 24 h)

    • The orange notice shows the time you have left to reply to the message within the indicated time frame.

    • The Facebook or Google icon indicate the platform the message was sent through

  3. Filter messages: managing your messages will be easier if you sort them by location.

  4. Reply to them: select the message you want to reply to, write your answer and click on the blue arrow on the right to send it. You can always send pictures if you have time.

  5. Send photos by message: to send one or more photos by message, click on the image icon to the left of the reply bar, upload the photos from your gallery or take them directly with your camera and send them.

🚀Our tips: be reactive

A message must be treated within 24 hours. Being reactive is key to developing a privileged relationship with your clients and building customer loyalty. We strongly encourage you to turn on the notifications in order to get notified every time you get a new message. Check this article to learn some useful tips on how to manage your messages.

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