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How does the mobile app work?
How to manage my opening hours from the mobile app?
How to manage my opening hours from the mobile app?

Add and edit your hours from your smartphone

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From the mobile app you can now manage your locations' hours (standard and specific).

Add or edit opening hours:

  1. Go to the “Infos” tab of the application

  2. Select the location whose hours you want to manage

  3. Click on “Opening hours”

  4. Configure your standard opening hours and save

Add or edit specific hours:

  1. Go to the 'Infos' tab of the application.

  2. Select the location for which you want to add specific hours.

  3. Click on 'Specific hours' and then on 'Add'.

  4. For exceptional bank holiday schedules:

    • Select one or more dates from the predefined list of bank holidays.

    • Indicate whether the business will be closed or open.

    • Add exceptional opening hours if it remains open.

  5. You can also add more exceptional opening times (holidays, etc.):

    • Click on 'Add your business hours for specific periods of time".

    • Then enter a start and end date. If there is only one day in question, enter the same start and end dates and indicate whether the business will be open or closed.

    • Indicate whether the business is open or closed.

    • If you indicate that the business will be open, add the specific opening hours for that day afterwards. As with normal opening times, you can add several time slots as long as they do not overlap.

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