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How to Manage Your Google Posts from the Partoo Mobile App?
How to Manage Your Google Posts from the Partoo Mobile App?

Manage your Google posts from your smartphone.

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You can now create, schedule and publish posts on Google at the same time from the Partoo mobile app!

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts offer Google Business Profile owners the opportunity to share timely and relevant content, much like Facebook's "News Feed" for local pages. This feature allows businesses to announce special offers, promotions, upcoming events, or even important news directly on their Google Business Profile.

Types of Google posts:

  • "Offer" Posts: announce promotions with a title, dates and times, accompanied by a photo, description, promotional code, link, and usage conditions. These posts are prominently featured at the top of the business profile on Google and Maps, with a "View Offer" button to encourage action.

  • "News" Posts: provide general information with a photo, description, and action button, ideal for promoting news.

  • "Events" Posts: promote your events with a title, dates, times, photo, and action button. Some events may appear in the "Overview" tab for increased visibility.

How does it work?

To create a Google post via the Partoo mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Access the "Posts" tab: open the Partoo mobile app and select the "Posts" tab from the menu.

  2. Create a new post: tap the "+" icon to create a new post.

  3. Choose the type of post: select the type of post you want to publish from the options "Offer," "News," or "Events".

  4. Add content: upload a relevant photo to accompany your post. Then add a title, description, and optionally a link to a webpage, your point of sale's phone number, or a promotional code depending on the selected post type on Google.

  5. Select the business: choose the points of sale where you want to publish your Google post.

  6. Preview and publish: before publishing, you can preview your post to ensure everything is as expected. Then, publish it or schedule it for a later date.

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