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How do I send my establishments' data to Partoo?
How do I send my establishments' data to Partoo?

Partoo provides you with various means to transmit your information and improve your local referencing!

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This article is only relevant for customers with more than 10 locations. If you are an independent, you can update your information from the Partoo interface.

What are the different ways to update your business information? Excel file:

We provide you with an Excel file with a list of information to fill in. Once you have filled in all the information, you send the document back to us and Partoo takes care of updating your information.

2. By API :

  • Partoo Rest API:

You can use Partoo's Rest API to update the information of your establishments. This will only require some development time from your technical team. You can then update the information on Partoo and also come and recur the information on our database.

  • Puller API:

In this case, you just need to give us the API key of your database so that Partoo can automatically retrieve your information and update it.

3. By Puller FTP :

You can send us your information directly on an FTP server. Once the information is transmitted, Partoo will retrieve the data from the FTP server to update your information on all our partners.

If you choose one of these options, Partoo will assist you in your decision. You can contact us directly at or via the blue bubble at the bottom right.

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