What is Presence Management?

Understand what Presence Management is, between omnicanal, local SEO, and SEO!

Written by Joelle Huy
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Presence Management is a product developed by Partoo to help retailers and independent shops to be visible online, everywhere, all the time. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to manage the online distribution of information about your establishments: Opening hours, Address, Telephone number, Photos, and much more. Presence Management allows you to broadcast on all search engines, online directories, review sites and GPS, which are used by your customers and potential customers to get information and find you.

Whether you have one establishment or 3,000, this will allow you to enter all their information into our database. They will then be automatically distributed and updated on all our distribution sites. Thanks to Presence Management, you will be able to:

  1. Improve your visibility on the internet: We will register you on sites where your establishments are not yet well referenced. They therefore represent as many new acquisition channels as possible.

  2. Communicate accurate and up-to-date information to all your customers and prospects: They will be more satisfied and will no longer have the misfortune of finding themselves in front of a closed establishment that displayed "open" on the Internet. To update your information, our solution will allow you to take control of pages that exist today but which you do not yet own!

  3. Boost your local referencing: Our solution has a very positive impact on your Google referencing: Your customers will therefore find you more easily on the internet.

The easiest way for us to present our solution to you in detail is for you to contact us directly via chat!

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