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Review Management, what is a impact ?
What are some best practices to adopt in managing my reviews?
What are some best practices to adopt in managing my reviews?

Best practices and tips for managing reviews of your points of sale, including responsiveness, personalization, taking criticism on board

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Do you believe that replying to reviews is vital to increasing your point-of-sale traffic and improving customer satisfaction? If so, take a few minutes to read Partoo's tips on how to better reply to your customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

1. Be responsive!

Ideally, a review, whether positive or negative, should be processed within 72 hours. Your responsiveness will show your customers that their opinion matters! Thanks to Partoo, you are alerted by email of each new review and all these reviews are centralised on the same interface so that you can reply easily. Moreover, you can activate the automatic replies to reviews without comment (article) to focus on those which require your attention.

Our tip for being even more responsive: download the Partoo mobile application. It allows you to receive a notification for each new review and to reply quickly from your smartphone. Find out how to download it here.

2. Thank your customers and make them want to come back

No matter what sector you operate in, a customer who compliments you will generally write their comment to make you happy, so thank them and let them know that you are touched by their message! Take this opportunity to tell them about any upcoming events, products they haven't yet had the time to try, promotional offers, or any other information that may interest them and all the other Internet users who visit your page.

3. Don't get into a debate in the public sphere

In the event of a disagreement arising with a customer, try to contact them privately by asking for their name or order number or by searching for them in your customer database. Once the private discussion has concluded, and if you have managed to reach a solution, don't forget to mention this in the reply #bestpractices

In any case, do not get into an argument with the customer, as they have much more power over your reputation than you have over theirs.

4. Try to improve the way you do things and identify solutions

A customer who criticizes your establishment may be looking for any of three things: compensation, better service next time, or simply ‘revenge’, about which there is little you can do. If the customer is seeking compensation, deal with the matter privately. If they are looking for an improvement in service, tell them that you will make an effort or look for a solution for next time. You can even encourage the customer to return so that they can see the improvement for themselves. The following is a good example from the Facebook page of an ice rink.

5. Identify the positive in every review

Focus more on compliments than on criticism, which you can't do anything about; your establishment might be small... but it’s friendly! It's up to you to take an optimistic approach.

6. Take your time when replying, as your reply will be read more than once!

When replying to a review, don't think of it as if you're replying to a customer, but rather as if you’re sending a message to the thousands of customers who will see your listing on Tripadvisor, Google My Business, Facebook, etc. Replying in a positive, detailed and personalized manner will always have a positive effect in the long run.

Partoo even allows you to go back to your reply and edit it directly via the interface!

If you haven't been keeping up to date with how Partoo can help you manage all of your customer reviews, whether you have one or thousands of establishments, click below

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