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How to use Review Management on Partoo interface
How do the reports included in the Review Management solution work?
How do the reports included in the Review Management solution work?
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The Review Management solution includes reports and notifications sent by e-mail to the solution’s users.
There are 4 types of report:

  • Daily reports

  • Weekly reports

  • Monthly reports

  • Notifications for every negative review

Who receives Review Management reports?

Each Partoo user managing an establishment subscribed to Review Management will be able to receive the reports corresponding to the establishment(s) they manage.

Which reviews are taken into account in Review Management reports?

Review Management reports are based on the reviews submitted by your customers on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor.

What do Review Management reports contain?

Weekly and monthly reports

Review Management's weekly and monthly reports tell you about the following:

  • New reviews you have received over the period in question

  • Your average rating over the period in question

  • The number of ‘high-risk’ reviews received over the period in question

Daily reports

You can set up daily reports (see next paragraph) so that they only contain reviews that you want to process or monitor as a matter of priority.

This means that you can choose the following:

  • The platform(s) taken into account in daily reports: Google, Facebook and/or TripAdvisor.

  • The types of review (positive, negative or neutral) taken into account in daily reports.

The reports will then only contain information on the reviews that you have stated you wish to prioritise.
The example below shows a daily report for negative and neutral reviews received on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor.

Email notifications as soon as you receive a negative review

These notifications allow you to be alerted and respond quickly to negative reviews from your customers.

On the email, you will find the name of the user, the rating, the review and a button that allows you to be redirected to your Partoo account and respond to the review in question.

How to configure Review Management reports

Review Management reports can be managed from your Partoo account settings. :

1. Click the ⚙️ symbol at the bottom left of the interface

2. Click ‘E-mail reports

3. Choose the reports you wish to enable or disable by clicking on the button opposite the corresponding report

4. Configure daily reports by dragging the cursor to determine the type(s) of review you wish to monitor on a daily basis and also select the platforms you wish to monitor.

5. Click Save

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