Want to know how to remove a review from Google My Business?

Generally speaking, it is not possible to delete a negative review without good reason. There are, however, certain cases, in which it might be possible to have a review removed from your establishment’s listing, including the following:

  1. If the owner or name of the establishment has changed since the review was posted: you can delete the listing and create a new one, but you will lose the accumulated natural referencing.

  2. If there has been a change of owner but the establishment still has the same name and phone number, for example: you will need to contact the teams at Google and provide evidence of the change of ownership in order to have the review deleted: this is a tedious process and the outcome is not guaranteed.

  3. If a review is inappropriate and you want to report it: the teams at Google will then assess the reported review, which can take several days

Before reporting a review, bear in mind that an inappropriate review is one that doesn't comply with Google's policies, not one that you disagree with or don't like. Google does not take sides when a merchant and a customer disagree on something.

Remember to respond to the review in any case, as it is an opportunity to win back the dissatisfied customer and/or to show potential visitors to your establishment that you are willing to listen.

Report a review in your account

On a computer:

  • Log in to Google My Business.

  • If you have several establishments, click on the one to which the review relates (1)

  • Click on ‘Reviews’ in the left-hand menu (2)

  • Find the review you wish to report. Next, click on the three-dot menu (3), then click Report as inappropriate (4).

On a mobile phone:

  • Open the Google My Business app

  • Click ‘Manage reviews’ (1)

  • Find the review you wish to report and click on it (2)

  • Click on the three little dots to the top right of the screen (3)

  • Click ‘Report this review’ (4)

Even if a review contravenes Google's guidelines, it may be the case that one report alone is not enough to have a review removed, and that several reports have to be submitted.
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