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How does the Review Booster improve my local SEO?
How does the Review Booster improve my local SEO?

What impact do reviews have on the positioning of my Google My Business listing?

Written by Joelle Huy
Updated over a week ago

Once your Google My Business listing has been optimised and the information relating to your establishment standardised across the various local directories, the main tool you can exploit to improve your local SEO is your e-reputation, and more specifically your Google My Business reviews.

Google My Business reviews: driving your local search engine optimisation

A few years ago, simply having a Google My Business listing was a differentiating factor in itself.
Today, as more and more establishments are listed on this platform, it’s no longer a matter of simply being listed on there, but rather of optimising your presence by various means:

  • The regular updating of information (special opening hours, photos, etc.)

  • The standardisation of information across all online directories

  • Your e-Reputation, meaning the reviews published on your Google My Business listings

In fact, the latter that is now the leading factor when it comes to local SEO.

What aspects of the reviews affect my local SEO?

As mentioned earlier, the four aspects of reviews that will improve your ranking on Google are as follows:

  • Average rating: the higher your average rating, the better your listing will be

  • Number of reviews: the more reviews you have, the better your listing will be

  • Frequency of submission: the more frequently reviews are submitted, the better your listing will be

  • Lexical field: the broader the lexical field, the better your listing will be

How can the Review Booster help me improve my local SEO?

The Review Booster allows you to encourage satisfied customers to submit reviews to your Google listings via invitations sent by text message.
This will help you receive more reviews and better ratings, increase the frequency of submission and broaden the lexical field of your reviews.

Examples of the impact the Review Booster can have:

Increase in the volume of reviews

To find out more about this solution, please contact our support team by clicking on the little bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

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