The Review Booster allows you to encourage your satisfied customers to post reviews on your Google listings via SMS invitations. You can send an SMS invitation via the Partoo web application (desktop) by following the steps below or via the mobile application by following the directions in this article.

How and when to send an SMS invitation?

It is very important that the text invitation is an integral part of the in-store experience. Here are the steps to follow to get the maximum number of reviews with the Review Booster:

1) Keep the Review Booster page open on your browser (mobile or desktop). To access it, login to your Partoo account and click on "Review Booster" in the conversations section of the menu on the left.

2) When the customer is at the checkout, simply ask "Are you satisfied with your experience?

3) If the customer responds positively, ask "Would you allow me to send you an text message with a link to leave us a review on Google? This is very important for our establishment and it will only take you a few seconds".

4) Then write down the customer's name (1) and phone number (2) and tick the box to confirm that the customer has given you permission to use their personal details (3).

5) You can change the expeditor name(4) if you wish, by clicking on the 🖋. ⚠️ Please note that you cannot exceed 11 characters.

6) If you want to personalize the message before sending it, click on the 🖋 in the text box and then edit your message directly. By default, you have 3 tags in the message template, Client Name, Company Name, and Link to Review. You can move or delete them if you want.

However, if you cannot edit the message, you may not have the right to do so.

7) If all the information is correct and you are happy with the message, you can click on "send the invitation".

8) The customer will instantly receive an SMS with a link to the Google review submission interface. All they have to do is click on the stars, write their review and publish!

When this process is carried out correctly, we see a conversion rate of over 40% for our customers, i.e. over 40 reviews received for a total of 100 SMS sent!

If you would like to know more about the Review Booster, please contact us via the chat.

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