How do I filter my reviews by keywords?

The Review Management tool enables you to filter your reviews by keyword(s), enabling you to monitor specific aspects of your e-reputation

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You can use Review Management to filter your reviews by keyword(s) (price, service, welcome, etc.), reply to them, analyze them and identify both your strengths and areas for improvement.

This filter is available on the review management interface, as well as on the Analytics page.

How do I filter reviews that contain a keyword?

To filter your reviews by keyword, simply click on the ‘Keywords’ filter, enter up to 12 keywords and select the ones you want to filter.

How do I edit or delete keywords?

To delete or edit a keyword, click on the ‘Keywords’ filter and then on ‘Edit’. Then click on the edit or delete button next to the keyword.

To learn more about Review Management, please contact us or click on the link below.

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