N.B.: Only follow these steps if your establishment is closing permanently or for a long period of time; if it is only closing for a few days, it is better to state that this will be a one-off closure in the ‘Hours’ tab of the editing interface.

How do I close an establishment on Partoo?

Follow these steps to let people know that your establishment is closed:

  1. Go to the editing interface for your establishment

  2. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’

  3. Then click on ‘Mark as permanently closed

  4. Confirm by entering the name of the establishment and clicking on ‘Close this establishment

How do I reopen an establishment on Partoo?

To reopen an establishment that you have previously listed as closed:

  1. Go to the editing interface for your establishment

  2. You will then be redirected to the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab

  3. Click on ‘Reopen this establishment

How do I view all closed establishments on Partoo?

Closed establishments will appear on the ‘All my establishments’ page with the statement that ‘This establishment is closed’.

To filter your establishments according to their status (open or closed), go to the ‘All my establishments’ page, click on the ‘Status’ filter and select the corresponding status.

On which platforms can I close my establishment?

Not all platforms manage establishment closures in the same way. On Google My Business and Facebook, for example, the establishment will be displayed as ‘Permanently closed’, while the corresponding listings will simply be deleted on Apple Maps, Justacoté, 118000 and Foursquare (the establishment will disappear from the latter platform once the moderators have confirmed the closure of the establishment).

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