Google offers a feature that allows users to chat with business managers via messages: Google Business Messages. We tell you more about this feature and why it is important to use it.

What is Google's Business Messages? ‍

Google Business Messages is a feature that allows users to contact a business directly via a message from their Google My Business listing. So, when a customer clicks on the "Chat" icon on a Google My Business listing, they will be able to contact the business directly to ask questions about their hours, products, or any other information they were unable to find on the listing.

⚠️ This "Talk" button only appears on mobile for Internet users.

Why use Google's Business Messages?

Google Business Messages has many advantages for physical establishments:

  • 75% of Internet users prefer to talk to businesses by message rather than by call. It is, therefore, an important tool to improve your customers' satisfaction

  • Google My Business is your business's online storefront, so it's important to give your customers a simple way to contact you directly from your listing.

  • It can be complicated to manage calls during busy hours. Messages allow you to respond to your customers when you have time to do so.

Partoo can help you centralize and manage your Google Business Messages, so don't hesitate to contact us directly via the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

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