It is possible to create groups and sub-groups of businesses on Partoo according to the criteria of your choice (location, activity, brand...). This will allow you to :

  • Easily access the businesses in a group

  • Create "Group managers" who will be able to manage the businesses of a group and the sub-groups it contains

  • Filter your statistics (Review Analytics & Presence Analytics) and your opinions by group or sub-group

How do I create a group of businesses on Partoo?

  • Click on the "+" button in the menu or on "Create" from the list of businesses.

  • Click on "Create a group".

  • Name the group and select the businesses you wish to add to it

How to create a sub-group of businesses?

From the list of businesses, click on "Create a subgroup", name the subgroup and select the businesses you wish to add to it.

How do I move a business from one group to another?

If you want to move a business from one group to another, simply follow the different steps below:

  • Go to the page " businesses ".

  • Select the business group in which the business you want to move is located.

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right and select "manage my businesses".

  • Type the name of the business in the search bar.

  • Uncheck the business you wish to move and then click on "validate".

  • Find the business in the category "without group".

  • Click on the group in which you want to move your business

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right and select "manage my business" again.

  • Search for the business you have moved to "no group".

  • Select it then click on "validate".

Once these steps have been completed, you have successfully moved your establishment to another group.

How do I create a group manager?

Once the group(s) have been created, you can appoint "Group managers" who can manage the group or sub-group to which they have been assigned.

  • Go to the "Team Management" page.

  • Enter the information of the user you wish to create

  • Select the role "Group manager".

  • Select the group that the user will be able to manage

  • Click on "Invite user".

How do I analyze my groups of businesses?

You can retrieve your groups from the business filter on the Review Management, Review Analytics, and Presence Analytics pages. Simply click on the filter by establishment in the top right corner of these pages, choose the group to be analyzed, click on "select all" and then on "validate".

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the bubble on the bottom right!

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