How do I create groups of businesses on Partoo?

Group your businesses by location, type, brand.... and access all the relevant information in just a few clicks.

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It is possible to gather your businesses into groups on Partoo according to the criteria of your choice (location, activity, brand....). These groups are organized into sections.

For example :

Section 1 = Country; Group 1 = France; Group 2 = Italy

Section 2 = Category; Group 1 = Florist; Group 2 = Baker

A business can therefore appear in several groups.

In this way, you can :

  • Easily access businesses in one or more groups;

  • Create 'Group Managers' who can manage the businesses attached to one or more groups

  • Filter your statistics for one or more groups.

How do I create a group on Partoo?

To organise your businesses by group, you need to:

1 - Create one or more sections;

2 - Create one or more groups.

How do I create a section on Partoo?

First of all, go to the 'My businesses' tab in the side menu on the left of the screen.

  • Click on 'Manage my groups' in the top right-hand corner;

  • Name your section (eg: section 1 = country);

  • Click on 'Create my section' to finalise the creation.

Repeat these steps to create as many sections as you need.

How do I create a group of businesses?

Once you have created your first section, associate groups to it.

  • Click on '+ New group';

  • Name the group;

  • Click on 'Save'.

Repeat these steps and associate as many groups as you need.

How do I associate businesses and users with a group in Partoo?

How do I add businesses to a group?

The final step is to add businesses to the various groups:

  • Click on 'Configure' on the group in question;

  • Select the different businesses associated with the group;

  • Click on 'Confirm'.

How do I add a user to a group?

Once the sections and groups have been created, you can appoint 'Group Managers' who will be able to manage the groups to which they have been assigned.

  • Go to the 'Settings' section, represented by the ⚙️ sign;

  • Then click on 'Create a user';

  • Enter the details of the user you wish to create;

  • Select the businesses that the user will be able to manage;

  • Associate the user with the group(s) that the user will be able to manage;

  • Select 'Send an invitation by e-mail';

  • Finish by clicking on the 'Create user' button.

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