Review Management users can create response templates corresponding to certain types of review (positive, negative or neutral) and language and use them to respond to their customers through the Review Management interface.
This feature allows you to do the following:

  • Quickly and easily respond to reviews submitted by your customers

  • Ensure that the message conveyed through your responses to reviews is consistent and reflects your brand image

Which users can use response templates?

Only administrators can create, edit, or delete response templates, but all users can then use them to respond to reviews.

How do I create a response templates?

Follow these steps to create a response template:

  • On the Settings tab, click Reply templates.

  • Then click on ‘Create a template’.

  • Choose the template language.

  • Provide a title for your template - this will allow you to locate it easily in order to respond to a review.

  • Write the template

    You can add tags (my first name, business name, customer's full name, customer's first name, etc.) that will then be automatically replaced by the data of the person responding to the review or the person who submitted the review, depending on the type of tag chosen.

  • Next, select the type(s) of review you wish to link to the template. In the case of Google, if the rating is 4 or over the review is considered to be positive, 3 or over neutral and under 3 negative.

    In the case of Facebook, if a customer recommends the establishment, the review is considered positive, otherwise, it is considered negative.

  • Click Save.

How do I edit a response template?

You can edit all of the templates linked to your account.

1) In the Settings tab, click on Reply templates

2) Click on the three small dots to the right of the notice you want to edit

3) Select Edit

4) Modify the reply template

5) Click on Save

How do I delete a response template?

To delete a template, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings tab, click on Reply templates

  2. Click on the three small dots to the right of the notice you want to delete

  3. Select Delete

  4. Then confirm the deletion

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