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How to use Review Management on Partoo interface
How do I use templates to reply to my reviews on Partoo?
How do I use templates to reply to my reviews on Partoo?
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Review Management users can use response templates predefined by Partoo or their account administrator, and thus respond faster to their customers. These templates may also be used to reply automatically to reviews without comment if the feature is activated (article).

To use a response template:

  • Go to the Review Management interface.

  • Click on ‘Response templates’. The appropriate templates—depending on the rating of the review and the location of the establishment—are displayed.

  • Find the most appropriate template by entering its name and click directly on the template you wish to use.

  • You can select the reply language by clicking on the small globe 🌐

  • Adapt the text in the template if need be.

  • Click on ‘Post response’.

If you would like to know more about best practices when it comes to responding to reviews, click on the link below!

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