How do I manage my team's publishing rights?
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Partoo allows you to choose the information fields that local users (business managers and group managers) will be able to edit and to lock the others, so that you can, for example, entrust the updating of schedules to your teams but keep control of your categories, logos, websites.

Which users can manage rights and who will be impacted?

The administrators of an organisation can choose which fields users with lower rights (business managers or group managers) can edit.

⚠️ It is possible to assign different rights depending on the role of the users in your team (business managers and group managers). The configuration of rights applies to all users with the same role in your team. ⚠️

How do I define my team's publishing rights?

  • Click on the ⚙️ icon to go to Settings

  • Click on Team management, then click on Permissions.

  • For each role of user, uncheck an entire section (contact details, schedules...) or click on See details and uncheck the specific fields (address, postcode, exceptional schedules...) that you want to block.

  • Click on Save.

Business managers and group managers will be able to see blocked fields, however, they will not be able to edit them.

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