How to create a local business on Partoo?
Written by Joelle Huy
Updated over a week ago

Below are the steps to create a location on the Partoo interface. If you want to create new businesses on Partoo directly from your Google listings, you can use our import feature.

On the location tab, click on "+" or "Create" and then select "Create a business".

Then, fill in your business' main information including:

  1. The name of your business

  2. The phone number of your business

  3. The store code: This field won't be shared, it will only be used internally to find your business on Partoo's platform. If this field is not filled in, a store code will be automatically generated.

  4. Categories: You can add up to 10 categories, which will allow you to appear in related searches.

  5. Country, city and address of your local business.

  6. Then, click on "Confirm my address to continue"

Then indicate the precise location of your establishment by moving the pin on the map that appears and click on "Confirm my address".

Your local business has been successfully created, you will now be taken to the interface for editing your information where you can include content such as photos, descriptions, opening hours and other key information for your clients!

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