How to manage my API keys from Partoo?

Create and manage your API keys, define the associated rights and track their usage simply from within the Partoo application.

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The Partoo API allows you to read or write information directly to the Partoo database. It is mainly useful in two cases:

  • Powering Partoo from another tool: It is for example possible to connect Partoo to your Store Locator, so that every time an update is made from your Store Locator, the information is automatically sent to Partoo and therefore to Partoo's partner platforms.

  • Recover Partoo data: It is also possible to recover data from Partoo to feed your other tools. You can, for example, come and retrieve data such as timetables, photos, etc. at the interval of your choice so that they can be updated on your store locator or the tool of your choice.

You can access the Partoo API documentation by clicking here.

What is the purpose of an API key?

An API key allows you to access the API to write or read the information of your choice. There are two types of API tokens presented on Partoo.

  • Keys related to main integrations: Only administrators in your organisation can manage and read this type of API key. This type of key must be used for your critical integrations.

  • Personal Integration Keys: Each personal API key is linked to a specific user in your organisation. This type of key can be used for specific integrations. Note that if you delete a user, their keys will also be deleted automatically.

How do I manage my API keys with Partoo?

Here is how to manage your API keys from Partoo:

  • Click on the icon ⚙️ to o to Settings

  • Click on Configuration, then click on API Keys (if this option is not visible, please contact your Customer Success)

  • Choose the type of API you want to manage (main or personal integrations).

What the data is associated to your API keys ?

API keys are associated with the following information:

  • Label: The name of the API token to make it easier to find.

  • Creator: name of the user who created the API key

  • Creation date: date of creation of the API key

  • Last used: date when the API key was last used

  • Expiry date: expiry date of the API key

  • See API key: button to display the API key.

How do I create an API key with Partoo?

To create an API key :

  • Click on Create a new key in the top right corner of the API keys management page.

  • Next, specify the label associated with the API. The purpose here is to let you know, at a glance, what the main use of this key is.

  • Indicate an expiration date

  • Click Create API Key to confirm creation

How do I change or revoke an API key?

To edit or revoke an API key:

  • Click on the three dots right next to the API key you want to modify or revoke.

  • Select the action of your choice and modify or revoke the API key.

How to integrate the Partoo API?

If you would like to integrate the Partoo API, please send us a message via the blue message icon at the bottom right or contact your Customer Success!

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