What are additional urls?

Additional urls allow you to generate more interactions on Google My Business listings by encouraging users to click for more information or even take actions such as placing an order or making an appointment!

In particular, they allow you to:

  • Consult a menu

  • Consult a list of services

  • Consult a product catalogue

  • Placing an order

  • Make an appointment

  • Book a table

How do I manage my additional urls from Partoo?

The list of additional urls available for an establishment depends on its main category.

Here is how to manage your additional urls from Partoo:

1) Click on the establishment you want to edit from the "Establishments" page.

2) Then click on the "Links" tab.

3) View all the additional urls available for your main category.

4) Fill in the additional url fields that you wish to appear on Google My Business.

5) It is possible to add several urls for some additional urls. To do so, click on "+ add a link", and another url field will appear.

Once you're done, simply click "Save" to update your Google My Business listing!

How to update additional urls in bulk?

To edit additional urls of several establishments at once, do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success to update your data in bulk!

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