Include the services offered in your establishment on your Google Business Profile from Partoo.

This way, you can make your business appear higher in search results and give your customers the data they need to choose you!

What is the "Services" feature in Google Business Profile?

The Services feature allows service providers (beauty salon, plumber, hairdresser...) to list the services offered in their establishment on their Google Business Profile.

These services are then visible on mobile only in the Services section of the establishment's page.

They can also be highlighted in the Local Pack - the first 3 results that appear on Google - if the user's request contains a service associated with the establishment.

How do I update my services on Google Business Profile with Partoo?

⚠️ Only service providers have the ability to add services to their Google Business Profile.

Here's how to manage your services from Partoo:

1) Click on the business you want to edit.

2) Click on "Describe your activity", then click on the "Services" tab.

3) You will then be able to view all the Services offered by default for each category associated with your establishment.

4) Click on one of the services you wish to add or click on "Add a custom service" to create a service that is not offered by default

5) Fill in the data about the service you want to add: Name (mandatory), price (optional) & description (optional). Click on "Validate" to publish the service on your Google Business Profile!

How to update or create services in bulk?

If you want to edit the services of several establishments, do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success to proceed with a mass update of your data!

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