How to manage my posts with Partoo

Create your posts and share them on Google and Facebook at the same time.

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Enhance your communication with Partoo's Posts!

The feature Posts allows you to centralise all your posts shared on Google, Facebook and Instagram in the same interface. This tool was created to help you efficiently share with your audience your special offers, future events and other news.

This is what we can do thanks to this feature:

  • Create and schedule posts: writing and scheduling your posts is an easy task in Partoo.

  • Multiposting: save some valuable time by posting on Facebook, Google and Instagram at the same time.

  • Global view: keep an eye on all your posts from the same environment.

  • Performance analysis: monitor the impact of your posts on Facebook by tracking the number of views, clicks and interactions.

How to create a post from Partoo

Requirement: To post on Facebook or Instagram via Partoo, you need to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Partoo. To know how to connect your Facebook and Instagram account to Partoo, you can read this article.

1. Create a post:

  • Open Partoo and go to the section Visibility (🏠 icon) on the left side of your screen

  • Click on Posts, then on Create at the top right.

  • Select the platform(s) where you want to post (Facebook, Google, Instagram, or several platforms at the same time).

  • If you only select Google, choose the post type (news, offers, events). If you post on several platforms at the same time, the post on Google will be published as News by default.

  • Pick then the points of sale where you want to share your post.

  • Add a picture in the indicated format.

  • Write the content of the post and add a link to redirect the user to the offer or to your website, for example (optional). For Instagram, you can add text that includes a #tag or @page you want to link (this will only be clickable on Instagram).

  • You can preview your post on the right side of the screen.

  • Publish your post or schedule it for later publication on the date and time that you wish.

2. How to add multiple pictures on Facebook and Instagram

  • Select up to 10 pictures and arrange them as you like by dragging them from one place to another. The first photo determines the appearance of the post on Google, so make sure it adheres to the 4:5 format or is less than 17:9 for Instagram. You can crop the first picture if you need to by clicking on "Crop" next to the trash icon, and the rest of the pictures will follow the same format automatically (on Instagram only).

3. Schedule a post

  • After creating your post, click on Schedule publication.

  • Define the date and time.

  • Your post will be automatically published on the date and time selected.

How can I measure my posts' performance?

The number of views of the posts is displayed at the bottom of each post.

You will see more details by clicking on the platform at the bottom of the post.

You can view:

  • The number of views of the posts on each platform

  • The number of clics it has had on each platform

How to edit or delete a post

1. Classification of posts on Partoo

  • Published: posts that have been published from Partoo.

  • Expired: posts that are no longer visible on Google.

  • To configure: the connection between your Google listing or your Facebook/Instagram account is not valid.

  • Error: posts that have been refused after being published (due to forbidden words or pictures issues, for instance).

  • Pending: scheduled posts or being published at that moment.

2. How to edit and/or delete a post on Partoo

⚠️ You can only edit and delete your Google and Facebook posts from Partoo! In order to edit and/or delete an Instagram post, you have to go to your Instagram account.

  • The section Posts offers you a global view of all of your posts. Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the post you want to edit.

  • You have several options:

    • View: click on Show post to see the post published on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

    • Edit or duplicate: you will be redirected to the description step of the creation page.

    • Delete: a message will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion of the post.

NB: if you manage several businesses and a post has been pushed to various of them, you can modify/delete it on all the businesses in just one click using the "Modify all" and "Delete all" buttons.

3. Post performance:

  • You can check the the reach and interactions of your Facebook and Instagram post from Partoo.

    • Reach: the number of people who have seen or engaged with the posts

    • Interactions: the number of actions (likes, clicks on hashtags or names, comments, etc.) on the post.

  • Click on the platforms displayed under your posts to see the breakdown of statistics

  • Google no longer provides statistics about posts since 2022.

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