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What is "Menu" on Google Business Profile?

The Menu feature allows cafés and restaurants to post their menus (dishes, drinks, etc.) on their Google Business Profile.

The menu will be accessible only by mobile device, by clicking on Menu on the Profile.

It can also be highlighted in the Local Pack - the first 3 results that show up on Google - if the Internet user searches for a dish or a drink that's available in your menu.

How do I update my menu on my Google Business Profile with Partoo?

⚠️ Only some categories (cafés and restaurants) are eligible to add a menu on their Google Business Profile.

These are the steps you have to follow to create your menu from Partoo:

1) Click on the business you want to edit to access the information modification interface

2) Click on the "Menu" tab

3) Upload photos of your menu (ex: a picture of the menu or of the dishes): click on "Add photos" to upload one or several pictures from your computer (accepted formats: JPEG and PNG). Click on a photo to delete it

4) Create and edit your menu: your menu is made up of "sections" and "items". A section has one or several items (ex: the section "Breakfast" could contain these items: "Croissant", "Toasts" and "Cereal bowl")

You can add a price, a description, and a photo to each item.

The recommended size for photos is 720 pixels x 720 pixels.

To re-organise the sections of a menu, click on the 3 dots right next to the section and click on "Move up" or "Move down". To re-organise the items in a section, move them with the grey icon at the left (three horizontal bars).

To edit an item or a section, click on the three dots right next to the name of the item and click on "Edit".

To delete an item or a section, click on the 3 dots right next to the name of the item and click on "Delete".

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