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How to use Partoo dashboard?
How to manage “more hours” with Partoo?
How to manage “more hours” with Partoo?

Add hours to the specific services your business proposes and broadcast them on your Google listing

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Display additional hours concerning specific services on your Google listing thanks to Partoo.

In this way your business will go up in the search results and you will give your customers the information they need to choose you!

What different types of “more hours” are available?

All the business categories have access to this function, but the types of “more hours” proposed by Google and displayed on Partoo are relevant to just some categories.

Below you will find the listing of the available additional hours:

  • Access

  • Delivery

  • Drive-through

  • Online services

  • Take-away

  • Brunch

  • Kitchen

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Happy hours

  • Hours for the elderly

  • Breakfast

How to update “more hours” on Partoo?

Here are the steps to follow to add your additional hours on Partoo:

1 - Once logged in on Partoo, click on the point of sale you want to edit

2 - On the section "Manage your opening hours", click on the tab “More hours

3 - Click on “Add more hours

4 - Select the type of additional hour you want to add and fill in the hours for each day

5 - Repeat this action for all the types of hours you want to add

6 - Click on “Save” to broadcast your additional hours

How to update “more hours” in bulk for different points of sale?

To update your additional hours in bulk for different points of sale, you can contact your account manager or send us a message by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom of the page on the right.

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