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How to use Partoo dashboard?
What is the completion score and how can you improve it?
What is the completion score and how can you improve it?

A high completion percentage allows you to move up in the search results and surpass your competitors.

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What is the completion score?

The completion score represents the rate of completion of information for a business. The higher this score is, the more likely it is that the business' listing moves up in the search results.

This score allows you to easily visualise your progress to boost your business' visibility. It is composed of three levels :

  • Very good (in green) for business' listings with a completion score of over 66%.

  • Good (in orange) for business' listings with a completion score between 33% and 66%.

  • Low (in red) for business' listings with a completion score below 33%.

How to obtain your overall completion score?

If you manage several points of sale, go to the business list. At the top, you will find the overall completion score for all your points of sale.

You can then:

  • Classify your businesses by completion score by clicking on the title of the "Completion" column

  • Filter your businesses by completion score (To be improved, Good or Very good) by clicking on the option you wish to see.

  • Filter your businesses by Status (open / closed).

  • Filter your businesses by the products they are subscribed to (Presence, Review, Review Booster)

How can you improve your completion score?

On the management page of your business, the information you are advised to add or update is marked in orange. Click on these fields to edit them and improve the visibility of your business.

What is the impact of each piece of information on the completion score?

As mentioned earlier, adding certain information will have more impact than other types:

1. Information needed for broadcast:

No referencing is possible if one of these is missing:

  • Business's name

  • Main category

  • Address

  • Zip code or postal code

  • Country

  • Phone number

2. Information to optimise your listing:

Here is a classification of information according to its impact on your completion score (and thus on your visibility):

Very high impact:

  • Opening hours

  • Specific hours

  • Main photo

  • Logo

High impact:

  • Short description

  • Long description

  • Additional categories

  • Website

  • Additional photos

  • Attributes

  • Services

  • Menu (only for eligible categories such as pubs, restaurants, etc.)

Moderate impact:

  • Email address

  • More hours

  • Link to the business's Facebook page

  • Link to the business's Twitter page

  • SIRET number

As you can see, the more information you fill in, the higher your completion score will be 🤓

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