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Google Business Profile: what is the verification of a listing?
Google Business Profile: what is the verification of a listing?
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1. What is meant by verification of a Google Business Profile listing?

In order to appear among the results in a Google search, Google needs to "verify" your listing. This means that the search engine wants to make sure the listing really corresponds to an existing point of sale and that the person who wants to manage it also represents it.

There are three steps to verifying a listing:

  1. Google sends a verification code to the person who is making the request (the means of transmitting the code are described in part 3)

  2. The user enters the code on Partoo or on Google

  3. Google verifies the listing and publishes it

There may be a delay of a few days between the transmission of the code and the publication of the listing.

2. When is the verification necessary?

Google may require the verification in three different cases:

  • When you create the listing

  • When you transfer the ownership or the management of the listing to another user

  • When the listing gets suspended

3. What are the different verification methods available?

The verification method describes the channel through which Google will send the validation code to the user who wishes to verify their listing.

There are several methods, some are available on Partoo, while others are only available on the Google back-office.

Methods available on Partoo - Link to the article

  • SMS

  • Call

  • Email

  • Postal mail - delay of at least two weeks for the reception of the code

Methods available on Google - Link to the article

  • Video recording

  • Video call

Bulk verification - Link to the article

For networks with more than 10 points of sale that meet certain criteria (same name, same categories, etc.) it is possible to proceed with a bulk verification, which will allow several listings to be verified at once.

If you don't know where to start and you have less than 10 points of sale, you can read the following article:

If you have more than 10 points of sale, you may be interested in reading this article:

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